For Great Justice

My name is Jessamyn West. I was elected Justice of the Peace in Randolph Vermont on November 6, 2012. My term started February 1st, 2013 and lasts for two years. Do you need a Vermont JP?

More information on what a VT Justice of the Peace does (pdf)

Nov 15

Justices you may have heard of….

There aren’t many well-known JPs. In a world where there is a “top ten” list for basically everything, there is barely one for this. There is this clickbait list which includes Roy Bean (perhaps more famous as a bartender/judge) and Henry Fielding (perhaps more famous as the guy who wrote Tom Jones).

But most people know Andy Griffith who played Andy Taylor who lived in a town so small he was both the Sheriff and the Justice of the Peace and also the editor of the newspaper. Here is the episode of the Danny Thomas Show where Andy is introduced and Danny Thomas realizes that the cop who pulled him over for running a stop sign is the same person he appeals his case to.