For Great Justice

My name is Jessamyn West. I was elected Justice of the Peace in Randolph Vermont on November 6, 2012. My term started February 1st, 2013 and lasts for two years. Do you need a Vermont JP?

More information on what a VT Justice of the Peace does (pdf)

Nov 11

"Thomas Chittenden, Vermont’s first governor, began his public life as a justice of the peace in Salisbury, Connecticut, before joining his neighbor Jonathon Spafford in the purchase of a tract of land along the Onion River, in Williston, Vermont. In later years, Spafford and Chittenden found themselves on different sides of a controversial appointment of one Daniel Stannard, of Jericho, as justice of the peace. Spafford prevailed, Stannard was appointed, and Spafford was not above needling Chittenden about how the right decision had been made.

"Well, well," replied the Governor, "I don’t know but you have — he is a strange creature. I really believe he will make a better justice of the peace than I think he will."

Adapted from Daniel Chipman, L.L.D., A Memoir of Thomas Chittenden, 1849.”

This is the anecdote first page of the JoP guide you get in Vermont, referring to the image of Thomas Chittenden on the cover. Quoted a friend from MetaFilter “Who knew that the first governor of VT was Yogi Berra!”